Since Dr. Peter Fraser graduated from Philip Institute of Technology (Melbourne) in 1991, he has provided chiropractic care in Australia, Northern Ireland and England while attending numerous postgraduate courses, searching for knowledge and techniques that will provide his patients with maximum results. Recently, Dr. Fraser released ownership of 2 chiropractic centres in England to return to Canada.

Previous to his career as a chiropractor, Dr. Fraser held positions as Executive Director of several Canadian Sport Governing Bodies administrating programs at the national and international level. Dr. Fraser graduated with a BA. and M.A from the University of Western Ontario while captaining the Mustangs hockey team and achieving All Canadian status at centre. He then played and coached in the Swiss National Hockey League system.

Dr. Fraser sees a common link among all people – babies, children, youth and adult – we wish to live our lives at the maximum level of our ability; however we do not always know how to achieve it. To achieve this potential is the motivation that Dr. Fraser has for your health. Since the neurological system is the master controller of the human experience, this can only be achieved when the nervous system is working at its maximum potential.

I look forward to providing you and your family with gentle and effective chiropractic care to assist you and your family to live a healthier and fuller life.